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Haven't written about this for a while now, but my evil fitness plan is coming along quite nicely. Since I backed off a little bit on the training, I believe I've got a nice balance in my weekly workouts. Monday is circuit weight training, Tuesday is running on the treadmill (3 miles), Wednesday is off, then Thursday and Friday are repeats of Monday & Tuesday. This way, I'm able to get the rest I need and have been able to keep up. Plus backing off some on the speed level on the treadmill. With the weather cooling off now, and with Wednesday being an off day, I hope to get outside for an hour walk on Wednesdays, both for the fresh air and for the sunshine that I hope will help with my Vitamin D levels, even if I would like to get more than just one day a week.

I registered in my head yesterday that I'm maintaining nicely right around 175 pounds. Which means, if I am indeed building muscle, then I must still be gradually melting fat. This is a very good thing. And trust me, I am building some nice muscle in the upper body regions. I'm pretty pleased with how it's coming.

As I mentioned some time back, I was hoping to get into "a runner's body", and I think I'm close to being where I'd wanted to be. But at the rate I'm going, I may just keep at this as my new norm, and just keep working on things towards a "normal semi-buff body".

Well, anyway, I think what I'm doing is working just fine for me. We'll just see how it all goes and how far I really want to take it.


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Oct. 8th, 2012 04:30 am (UTC)
As long as it's working for you, keep at it.. but, why call it "evil"?
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