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To revisit last entry, my bloodwork showed HDL (good) cholesterol at 33...meaning the more I've worked at increasing it, the lower it's gone. BIZARRE! I'm a mutant! It's apparently just genetic. LDL (bad) cholesterol is low and I know from my cardiac cath that I've got clean pipes. Doc's not worried about it.

Jacked up my sewing machine on Sunday. Had kite friends over for some repairs and socializing and I was working on a pole sleeve (long story) for Kitefriend Dennis when this happened. Was just beginning a long seam where two ends of a hem folded over were joining up and as I was sewing in reverse to start a lock stitch, the corner(s) of the fabric got jammed down in the plate slot and the machine "took a hit" screwing up the timing. The needle is now hitting the bobbin hook. Took it into the shop (finally) today after work and the guy said he'll have it fixed tomorrow. Can't complain about one day service! I also asked whether they still sold used machines. The guy pointed to new machines but I explained I was only interested in a machine as a back up to be used infrequently and didn't want to spend too much for that. He said "like under $100?" and I said, "Yeah, that's about right. I was thinking of something used or refurbished and since it's only a back-up, really, I don't want to spend a lot." So he's going to "pull out" a couple of machines (you should see this cluttered vac-sew-fan shop) for me to look at when I go back in (tomorrow). Hoping I can score a decent older Brother or Janome or something.

Hilarity at hair cuts tonight at the salon as our stylist told us how the chiropractor popped her husbands "dick" out. (I'll leave things right there)


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