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To revisit last entry, my bloodwork showed HDL (good) cholesterol at 33...meaning the more I've worked at increasing it, the lower it's gone. BIZARRE! I'm a mutant! It's apparently just genetic. LDL (bad) cholesterol is low and I know from my cardiac cath that I've got clean pipes. Doc's not worried about it.

Jacked up my sewing machine on Sunday. Had kite friends over for some repairs and socializing and I was working on a pole sleeve (long story) for Kitefriend Dennis when this happened. Was just beginning a long seam where two ends of a hem folded over were joining up and as I was sewing in reverse to start a lock stitch, the corner(s) of the fabric got jammed down in the plate slot and the machine "took a hit" screwing up the timing. The needle is now hitting the bobbin hook. Took it into the shop (finally) today after work and the guy said he'll have it fixed tomorrow. Can't complain about one day service! I also asked whether they still sold used machines. The guy pointed to new machines but I explained I was only interested in a machine as a back up to be used infrequently and didn't want to spend too much for that. He said "like under $100?" and I said, "Yeah, that's about right. I was thinking of something used or refurbished and since it's only a back-up, really, I don't want to spend a lot." So he's going to "pull out" a couple of machines (you should see this cluttered vac-sew-fan shop) for me to look at when I go back in (tomorrow). Hoping I can score a decent older Brother or Janome or something.

Hilarity at hair cuts tonight at the salon as our stylist told us how the chiropractor popped her husbands "dick" out. (I'll leave things right there)

And in fitness news...

Got my body near where I wanted to be. Hovering in the neighborhood of 177-178 now. Wouldn't mind some more lean muscle and general strength, but for the last two months I've been hitting the cardio really hard trying to work on the little bit of belly fat I've still got. Made a little progress, but could always do better.

Haven't had a full five day week at work (or at least in the gym) for some time, but I've been running (jogging) three miles on the treadmill four days out of five every week. I know that's pretty good for being almost 50, but I still would like better.

Annual physical is on Monday morning. We'll see what the bloodwork (and the doc) says.

Boy, some music just has a hook that really grabs you. (IMO)

/me wonders if there's ever been a more aptly named band....

For far too long (apparently), I've not been paying close enough attention to what's been happening in the music world. A few relatively recent ones getting my attention...sort of a "folksy" kinda theme happening out there right now, methinks.

Love the harmonies in this one (note that the music doesn't get going until one minute into this vid):

This one's just...well...sweet, really. "I belong with you, you belong with me. You're my sweetheart."


Courtesy of Pandora....Cat Power cover of Bob Dylan's "I Believe In You"...some wicked serious slow rock-blues-funk.

Oooh! Even better.

I downloaded the mp3 version of this song the other night for my ipod and it's actually a longer version than the video cut I posted. (this new embedded vid is the longer version) It's got "more" to it (naturally). I just love when the lead singer (who's name is Dee Dee Penny, btw) "goes up" at about 3:30 and then the basic, but (I think) wonderful guitar solo immediately after that. Really "strums my chords". People were commenting on YouTube that this is a rip off of Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You", but I don't hear it. I'm digging it and once again I find myself in a loop of listening to a new (to me) song over and over again.

(Continuing my recent psychedelic rock bent. So glad for Pandora.)

Haven't written about this for a while now, but my evil fitness plan is coming along quite nicely. Since I backed off a little bit on the training, I believe I've got a nice balance in my weekly workouts. Monday is circuit weight training, Tuesday is running on the treadmill (3 miles), Wednesday is off, then Thursday and Friday are repeats of Monday & Tuesday. This way, I'm able to get the rest I need and have been able to keep up. Plus backing off some on the speed level on the treadmill. With the weather cooling off now, and with Wednesday being an off day, I hope to get outside for an hour walk on Wednesdays, both for the fresh air and for the sunshine that I hope will help with my Vitamin D levels, even if I would like to get more than just one day a week.

I registered in my head yesterday that I'm maintaining nicely right around 175 pounds. Which means, if I am indeed building muscle, then I must still be gradually melting fat. This is a very good thing. And trust me, I am building some nice muscle in the upper body regions. I'm pretty pleased with how it's coming.

As I mentioned some time back, I was hoping to get into "a runner's body", and I think I'm close to being where I'd wanted to be. But at the rate I'm going, I may just keep at this as my new norm, and just keep working on things towards a "normal semi-buff body".

Well, anyway, I think what I'm doing is working just fine for me. We'll just see how it all goes and how far I really want to take it.