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oh, and....before I Zzzee out here...

While discovering this neat new music, I also have been hitting on some older stuff that I haven't heard in a while and//or I don't have (but will very soon). How about this one? Remember this one?


That last music post (Mazzy Star) sorta hooked me. Digging similar stuff...I guess the genre is "psychedelic"? Though I think it's more properly maybe "mellow psychedelic". Then again, I'm not even sure psychedelic is correct for the collection of stuff I'm getting into. Anyway, I plugged Mazzy Star into Pandora and that's how I got clued into some of this other relaxing/calming stuff I like, too.

Liking other songs by Speck Mountain, too, like "Midnight Sun" and "Fidelity Shake", but I won't trouble you with the embeds for those. Whee! So much more to explore and find, too!

Ahhhh...so relaxing...centering...calming...(you name it)...or all of the above.(?)

Exercise...but wait...

Doggone it, I’m still experiencing a power drain in the gym. I gave myself two extra days rest this last week so my body could “catch up”, but it doesn’t seem to have helped much. Managed 3 miles on the treadmill (6.4 speed) Wednesday, but still felt rather weak in the legs. Yesterday on the circuit machines I had to dial back 10 pounds from where I was last week on a couple of them. Today on the treadmill was just god-awful. Managed three miles, but it was an ugly three and mostly on 6.2 speed. Again, I’m asking “What in the world is going on here?” Maybe it’s just a motivation thing. After rising to 6.8 and not being able to keep up, and then couldn’t manage to stay on 6.6 when I went back down, it’s been a bit discouraging. Been managing on 6.4, but I’m plateau’d and today I stayed down on 6.2 and still wasn’t feeling it. Not sure if it’s time to change things up and switch back over to some elliptical or get in some outdoor “real” running, or just slog on through it till I “get my mojo back”.


Hmmm...just did some Google searching...initial findings would indicate I may be overtraining. Cure: REST. Maybe those two extra days just weren’t enough. What I’m reading indicates I should be taking even more time to recover. Assuming this is really my issue...

I think I'll run with that. Since next week's a short week (holiday), I believe I'll rest next week and then come back the following week with a modified workout schedule that's not quite so intense. And since the weather's starting to cool down somewhat maybe I can get outside for my walks again while I'm not working out and get some fresh air and sun. Haven't been doing that since I joined the gym, but part of the reason I was outside walking to begin with was to help address my low Vitamin D. Yeah, I think I see the bare bones of an evil plan forming in my head here...will think more on this as I rest ALL NEXT WEEK.

just stuff

Experiencing another power loss in the legs. Been really difficult on the treadmill the last two weeks. Not sure why. Maybe because of the weight training on the circuit machines draining energy, or perhaps because as the muscle builds in and adds weight that extra has an impact...or both... something else entirely. Pretty tired after this week.

It’s been a stressful week at work and around home. Ethan’s g/f Mary’s dad died last week and it’s been a long slog to the viewing last night, then two more tonight and then the funeral tomorrow. Looking forward to just taking Sunday off altogether and doing NOTHING so I can get a little rest.

In other news, amidst all this I found out (can’t believe I didn’t know this before) that the two of them are considering marriage...or at least Ethan is ;) . Not sure when that might happen, but it would be no surprise. They’ve been a steady, steady item for almost three years now...not to mention co-habitating, too (for about a year & a half now, I guess).

What is going on???

So my program manager has been delegating more and more contract management duties down on me, and today I receive delegated authority to approve expense authorizations and expense reports, PLUS I'm officially made the hiring manager for the contract! WTH?! Except for interacting with project control (finances) and contracting, I've become the defacto PM for the contract. How did I get to this point and what is going on?

One wonders if I'm not (finally after 8 years) being groomed as a full-on PM?

Done! (essentially)

Pics added of the finished pier-deck. Still a few esthetic additions to come to round it out, but it is done.



Prob no new pics tonight. Builder's still at it. He's pushing hard to get it all done tonight, but I'm not sure he'll make it. And now the sun's going down. Pics tomorrow, weather permitting.

Pier progress...

A little progress today. More pics added to my Flickr set...


Pics of latest backyard project